An Unbroken Promise

005 - An Unbroken Promise -

A new painting in the ‘Far Far Away’ project I’m doing with @ashthorp and told by @pilotpriest
This one is a very special one.
First because the painting is featuring the White Boba Fett, a legendary character created by Ralph Mcquarrie as a prototype for the final Boba Fett that we all know. There is more to come about this character.
Then, when @ashthorp and me were looking for an interesting scene, we got this reminder from the first trilogy, back then we loved the Rancor passage in the Jabba’s pit.
It was a fuckin scary moment when I was a child.
We also really appreciate how this passage featured a kind of vintage heroic fantasy style ; which is, in my opinion, much more prevalent in some early concept art by Ralph Mcquarrie for Star Wars.